An Unremarkable Narrative of the Present

Read about half of The Great Gatsby between the last post and 8pm. I’m already bored of the challenge. Except now, if I stop, it makes the rest of my life seem insignificant. Great.

Going to plough through and hopefully have Gatsby finished by tomorrow then I will move onto David Copperfield (loaned to me by Alex, one of his favourite novels). If any of you want to lend me these novels by the way then please feel free to do so as the library had quite a threadbare collection of classics when I had a quick shimmy round before.

I’ve obviously been thinking about how to structure the whole affair too. E.g. I’ll read A Christmas Carol, around Christmas time and hopefully nail the Harry Potters before I go and see the final film. Hopefully I’ll find them on audio tape too. And think I’ll read a little Jacqueline Wilson one soon after I’ve nailed the dreaded War and Peace which is going to be massive. I should maybe change the challenge to reading War and Peace in a year, I’m dreading it.

Only the beauty of Gatsby and his unrequited devotion is spurring me on. If I was Daisy he’d probably just hire Owl Eyes to sit in his library and read them all to me. Groannn.