An Unremarkable Narrative of the Present
Mother lover

Lots of happy and sad news on my Facebook feed at the moment.  It is very sweet to see how many people love their Mothers and think that their Mother is the best (I can certainly tell you that it is mine who is World’s Best Mum, sorry everyone).


I prefer Mothering Sunday to Valentine’s Day by a mile because whilst both days may be accused of being ploys to sell cards and flowers and both may be guilty of alienating people, childless/motherless and single people respectively, I think Mother’s Day promotes the idea of true uncompromising love. Valentine’s seems to be an excuse for people who have found a significant other to get smug and worship cartoon drawings which look nothing like the biological organ they bizarrely claim to represent. In fact, I’d sooner devote time and energy to a holiday which celebrates the heart as an organ which amazingly pumps blood around the whole body rather than as a false symbol of adoration and sexy feelings. I know which organ I keep those motivations in and it is a bit further south than my aortic region.


And Valentine’s Day has the initials VD, like venereal disease, which I think is telling enough.


I think telling your Mother you love her is unspeakably important as many who have lost their Mum’s will tell you. By telling your Mum you love her you not only acknowledge your appreciation of her endless hard work, you remind her how loved and special she is to everyone she knows and most of all to you, the person she probably cares most about.


You affirm a choice that she never doubts anyway- that disfiguring her body to bestow life unto you and let you live in a warm cushiony palace rent free for nine months of very critical incubation and growth was not a wasted and painful act but a completely selfless and beautiful thing to do.


When you are able to tell your Mother you love her, you know it is safe because the love was already reciprocated before you were even born. You learnt how to love because your Mum loved you then. You can progress through life loving new people and creating new people to love because you have been instinctually taught how to love from birth. Every day you love anyone or anything it is because your Mum loved you and so every day is Mother’s Day.


I just wish I had not forgotten to speak with mine today.


Love you Mum xx