An Unremarkable Narrative of the Present

I’m so bloody naughty. Blind and illiterate people should be invited to come and bash me on the head with heavy books because I don’t deserve the ability to read. Even though I managed to polish off Gatsby in a day I’ve been somewhat slacking with David Copperfield. In my defence, it’s so big that I give it a couple hours of my attention and I’ve still only cleared about 1% more of it. Maybe it’s the book I ought to be bashed with?

It’s not David’s fault though. I can hardly blame that good-natured little orphan for my lack of progress. I feel bad, because even though a lot of people in his colourful fictional life seem to be treating him badly, it is I who is hurting him the most by not letting him tell me his story.

However, I’ll do my bit for the needy and focus my energies on him after posting this blog. I hope to be finished with the book before I return it to its owner in Eastbourne in a few days time. It’s such a lovely version of the book as well, bought from Camilla’s Bookshop in Eastbourne, which has approximately one billion books on its shelves, waiting to be discovered. I felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast when I was in there. God help me if they’d have had a neglected shelf ladder out I’d have been swinging on it, belting out some beautiful ditty about how I’m too much of a book geek to notice everyone in my little village fancies me (Disney reference – soz hardcore book fans).

To anybody who is toying with the idea of The Great Gatsby, I’d say go for it. It’s quite short and an easy read so appealing to quite a wide audience I imagine. Characters are full of glamour and gloss, but mainly devoid of moral substance which reminds me of the celeb culture today. Your conscience may cause you to love Gatsby because he deserves it so much, but it doesn’t matter how much you love him, he’s chasing a dream that ain’t gonna happen!

But that’s just my sloppy opinion. Here’s some solid fact - I’ve finished my first book, book number 43: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald! Yaaay! Let’s bootleg some gin in and absolutely have a swell time!